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I am a lecturer in the School of Computer Science, where I lead the Research Software Group. Initially a pure mathematician by training…

Date 27 September 2023
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I’m a third year Biology PhD student based in the marine research building on East Sands where I work on a marine invertebrate called the…

Date 22 September 2023
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I’m a Research Software Engineer working as part of the Research Computing Service within IT Services. I work with researchers from across…

Date 21 September 2023
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The Carpentries Logo

Piper Fowler-Wright

I’m a third year PhD student from the School of Physics & Astronomy. I became involved with the Carpentries shortly after beginning my studies at St Andrews, helping at a workshop in November 2020 covering the Unix…

Photograph of a sign displaying the text "help wanted". Black letters painted on a white wooden background.

Helpers needed 7-8th November

We need helpers for a Software Carpentry workshop on 7th and 8th November. The workshop will be held in person in Walter Bower House between 09:30 and 17:00 each day and will cover the Unix Shell, Version Control with…