Olexandr Konovalov

Wednesday 27 September 2023

I am a lecturer in the School of Computer Science, where I lead the Research Software Group. Initially a pure mathematician by training (PhD in Kyiv in the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), I have started to contribute to open source mathematical software, namely the computational algebra system GAP, whose development was coordinated by CIRCA in St Andrews, and eventually came to St Andrews to work in the GAP team of the EU project “SCIEnce – “Symbolic Computation Infrastructure for Europe“.

I have learned about the Carpentries in 2014 after becoming a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute – a national facility to cultivate better software to support better research, which, among its other tasks, also coordinates the Carpentries activities in the UK. I am a certified Carpentries Instructor and a Trainer (i.e. a member of the “train the trainer” programme), an author of the Carpentries-style lesson on programming with GAP, and a coordinator of the project to translate Carpentries teaching materials into Ukrainian language.

For further details, please see my University profile and my homepage.

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